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Does pope Apologizes to Muslims, But Why?

Following the Pope's quote and reference to a former a Byzantine emperor who didn't think highly of Mohammad, Muslims reacted by bombing 5 churches in the West Bank and killing an Italian nun in Somalia. Now there is the heart of Islam for you!
Make no mistake about it, Islam is not a religion of peace. On the contrary, Islam is all about intolerance, violence and control. Muslims who kill to uphold their religion are ignorant and powerless spiritually. Muslims are intolerant and violent because they know their religion is impotent.
Historically throughout the world people have converted to Islam by compulsion, threats of being killed and brutality for resisting the faith. The irony however is the Muslims doing the acts of violence and seeking to manipulate humanity to embrace their man-made religion truly have no faith in the god they profess to defend himself and his prophet. Allah is certainly NOT the God of the Bible who is loving and long-suffering with all people.
If Muslims truly believed in Allah, they would allow him to fight their battles instead of taking matters into their own hands. Obviously Allah doesn't care about killing people. Hence they do it for him. Nevertheless what should we expect from a religion who does not know their god as a loving father. Thus they are spiritual orphans on edge seeking to somehow be validated in their personhood.
I pity my Muslim friends and truly pray for their salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that they may know the loving heavenly Father above who loves them despite their present darkness and deception.
Muslims tell their sons they must die for god. On the contrary, God the Father through His Son Christ Jesus already died for humanity. Jesus died for us, so we can live wholeheartedly for Him. God is not a killer. God is a life-giver!
The history you ignore is sure to repeat itself. Jesus said "You will know a tree by its fruit." The evident fruit of Islam is Muslim terrorists throughout the world ready to kill anyone who does not agree with them or embrace their religion.
Love rejoices in the truth. If Muslims cannot hear the truth and must resort to violence to run from it, this should not be grounds for us to stop speaking the truth. We have who have an obligation to humanity to speak the truth without compromise. The Pope therefore should never have apologized.

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Confronting Racism in the Hearts of Some Muslims

Too often Muslim-Americans have learned to accentuate the race. This is done primarily to avoid being seen as nationalist or racist so goes against the teachings of the Islam itself very. However exacerbate the race is also accentuate conditions directed towards a community have the most powerful racism (white supremacy is called in America) as police brutality, discrimination in employment and a legal system unfair and biased that he often mistreats the poor and oppressed to name a few.
However, there is a tendency to forget the many verses of the Qur'an that admonish humanity to house the racism in the first place. We must remember as Satanás became the first racist in history by refusing to submit to the man, simply because man was created from the clay of the Earth and created the fire without smoke, that Alá him punished for this reason and sentenced him to the infernal.
As Allah condemns racism, it also gives victims of racism permission to fight against it. However, one cannot fight him, if they are well prepared or are taught to fear that it has before it. When Satan expressed his racist hatred of the man and swore to be eternal enemy of man, Alá gave man tools to fight against it.
The first tool that gave was the ability to recognize Satans tactics through our intellect and other senses. Once used, then we will formulate strategies designed to prevent that racist agents of Satan to promulgate his form of racism. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that anyone who has a grain of mustard of pride in his heart would never enter into paradise, and that pride was to have a disregard for the truth and a contempt for a people. Satan is exhibited towards Adam (peace be upon him) and the entire human race. The philosophy of racism is exposing this. In America is called white supremacy only because who have greater power to enact his racism in others that are powerless members of a minority are classified as white. In Saudi Arabia is could be called Saudi Arabia supremacy in Chinese supremacy Chinese and so on. Allah does not ignore the racism of Satans, but him punished for it. For this reason and others will be discussed in the second part that we should be able to eliminate the tendency to accentuate the Muslim race among African-Americans if he or she is going to overcome and rise above internalization of the harsh effects of racism.
Many Muslims who come from abroad have shown his disinterest in directly on this issue. This can be experienced by your lack of participation in the areas of helping homeless people, the drug addict or convict former routine who found Islam in prison and now needs a support group to keep their faith after his release. This can also be seen by the large annual conventions that can attract thousands of Muslims take issues such as having a beautiful Ramadan or love his neighbor, but refuse to deal seriously with the oppression and social injustice around the world that are often in charge of racism. When I say "deal seriously with" I am referring to identify problems, adopt a plan of isolation, develop a strategy to correct them, monitor their progress and blame individuals for their strategic application.
In this series of "Made to Sunni Muslims - face racism in the hearts of some Muslims" God willing we can try to do.

El Papa y los musulmanes

We all know that the United States of America is cosidered for Muslims as the enemy. The holy war or "Jihad" brought by the Binladin group is against United States. And most of us believed September 11 Terror as part of Jihad. This is because the United States of America backed by the Israel in his war against the neighboring Muslim Nations, and then United States also attacked other Islamic Afghanistan and Iraq Nations. And now, if the were problems by declaration of the Pope would be not settled, Jihad another could happen again, this time against the Christians, especially the Roman Catholic Church.
The Pope said in his lecture, "the Emperor comes to speak on the subject of jihad, holy war." "He said, and I quote," show only what Mahoma brought that it was new and there you will find bad things only and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached "." They said that the statement of the Pope is clear evidence of his ignorance of the Islamic doctrine that the Qur'an teaches peace, tolerance, justice, equality and no force to the religion. And are now demanding the Pope immediately withdraw and issuing an apology for his statements on Islam and its criticism of the concept of Jihad.
With this, the Catholic Church now faces major problems: (1) their relationship with Islam and Muslims; (2) His doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope.
If the Pope will not issue an apology, the Muslims might consider a Jihad against the Christians or the Catholic Church in particular. Imagine the bombed-out churches by suicide bombers or configure them to shoot like what happened to the two churches in the West Bank last September 18, 2006. And this will be a war worse: Christian vs. Muslim.
And on the other hand, if the Pope issued an apology, it directly contradicts his doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope. Remember that the Catholic Church teaches that the Pope is free from error. Issue an apology to Muslims about what he said in his lecture is a clear acceptance of his mistake and is proof that his doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope is false and this will be used by other Christian religion to criticize its doctrines.
The Muslims made it clear that the authorities of the Catholic Church not be has failed to resolve this problem only explaining the intention of the Pope to criticize Islam and his Jihad. The Muslims are asking for is personal apology from the Pope not by their channels. If you are concern about the relationship between Christians and Muslims, it must act immediately or worse things will happen.

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Muslims and Identity in the United States

"Country of a man is not a given area of land, mountains, rivers and forests, but is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that principle." - George William Curtis
Does every day, thousands of Muslims in North America are faced with the same question and predicament wishing to address: "I'm a Muslim American"? Or am I a Muslim American? ". This identity crisis has plagued the Muslim communities in North America, leading to confusion among young Muslims who should his loyalty; Should his loyalty to America first or it is due to the land his parents came from? It is very important to the Muslim communities to establish that one should owe his own loyalty to several different principles, such as the States of Tariq Ramadan in many of his speeches, include a hyphen between the two identities rather than having one to replace one identity in the other. It is important to establish this distinction between the two types of identities one can take, as the identity that Ramadan suggest that it is very essential to ensure the future as loyalties that is inside provide the necessary elements for the future of Islam in the West.
Muslim communities in the West need to pave the way for the conversion of the identities of many young Muslims and older living within their communities with little contact with other identity of non-Muslim communities. In the book of Ramadan, Ramadan strongly inspects the isolation level currently held in Muslim communities in the West, where the loyalties of the Western Muslims are heavily focused on loyalty to Islam only. This can be seen when he writes it is necessary that the Muslim communities in the Western world to avoid isolation and participate in societies in which they live, in order to address the many problems facing these communities. Ramadan believes that this can be dangerous, as the lack of loyalty towards where a Western Muslim lies in that it can lead to isolation. The isolation resulting from this lack of loyalty to a country can prevent Muslim communities allowing their problems to be taken seriously and addressed. In addition, this lack of loyalty can lead to a lack of the necessary interaction between the communities of Muslims and non-Muslims can be meant to prevent social, economic and cultural benefits in Muslim communities. Ramadan said that Muslim communities in the West should establish interactions with others around them, as this may lead to political, social and cultural achievements. Therefore, it is important for Muslim Americans in the West to establish loyalties to their respective countries proud and take full advantage of the rights that are able to exercise. Establishing the loyalty within Muslim communities in the United States, Muslims of all ages should feel obliged to contribute to the very intricate political system, allowing them to address the issues, wanting to improve. Finally, Ramadan mentions that establish a loyalty to the country of a Muslim in the West also can contribute to the improvement of the Muslim community, as doing so can help to establish an identity among the non-Muslim communities. Muslim communities did not establish an identity among the non-Muslim communities, which contributes to the reality addresses why Muslims have been recognized as anti-American in the United States recently. The reality is the fact that Muslims have failed to correctly illustrate that there is true loyalty to the United States exhibition. In result, a population of Americans believes that Muslims are indeed, anti-American. Consequently, they succeed finding the will to address the problems and issues they face today in Muslim communities. Of as a result of this, it is necessary that Muslim communities established loyalties to their respective countries in order to ensure future of Muslims and provide improvement of Muslims in the West.
Still another facet and prospect of loyalty, where Ramadan fails to consider that it is necessary for the construction of the future of not only Western Muslims, but Muslims around the world. Ramadan cannot examine the degree of decrease of loyalty to those who are currently losing young Muslims. Reality points to the fact that young Muslims in the West not now for illustrating that they are truly loyal to the West. Ramadan addressed this to some extent, where he states that the loss of a Muslim identity can lead to the loss of future resources that can be beneficial to resolve problems within Muslim communities in the future. This can be taken a step further, where the loss of loyalty of young Muslim men to the countries in which they came from can lead to the loss of bright reflection can accelerate the path to solve the problems in the Muslim world. Therefore, it is important to the Muslim communities in the West to ensure the loyalty of young Muslims, which in turn can be used to convert to a longing, desire and the desire of these young Muslims to address currently evident problems in the Muslim world. This can be seen very clearly in a part of the Muslim community in Detroit, where according to Yahoo! News, communities of young Muslims have been test protests to condemn the deadly reprisals by the Syrian security forces against peaceful demonstrators. This can be represented as an example of how you can convert as well as loyalty to desire to solve problems in the Muslim world. Thus, one can really see how loyalty of the Western Muslim country where it comes is important to solve the problems which currently takes place in the Muslim world.
Examine the consequences of the use of loyalty of the Muslim West, one can really see how these loyalties are essential for the future of the only Western non-Muslim, but for Muslims around the world. Consequently, it is necessary for a call to action to be thrust to establish loyalties discussed in this essay, what is important to distinguish between what he calls the Ramadan as a "with guiones-identidad rather than an identity which replaces the other." This can be achieved by providing educational seminars and lectures to illustrate the importance of these loyalties and identities to ensure the future of Muslims in the West and around the world. In this way, the Muslim communities in the West will have success in Muslim force to work to establish these loyalties and identities within their communities.

La diferencia entre sunitas y chiítas musulmanes 1

The immense carnage of WWI was caused by one gunshot in Yugoslavia, "The shot heard round the world." The Apocalypse, the sudden violent end of life on Earth forever has now been set in motion by people ignoring their 100 things in common and focusing on their 1 difference.
Prior to 911, how many Americans knew where Afghanistan was? Today, Feb. 23, 2006, how many Americans know the difference between a Shiite and a Sunni Muslim? The cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad triggered a world wide Muslim stampede which is now escalating into an Iraqi civil war between the Shi'a and the Sunni Muslims, and the Christian Americans are caught right in the middle of it. If the Sunnis win, then they will free Saddam Hussein, and he will likely go into exile with his Swiss Oil Billions in a friendly Muslim country, until his triumphant return to power in Iraq, as did the Ayatollah returning to replace the American Iranian puppet the Shah of Iran. Had George Bush spent 3 cents on 1 bullet and executed Saddam in his rabbit hole, this never would have happened. Imagine Scott Peterson coming into court in his underwear, constantly standing up and calling the Judge a puppet of the Americans, and winning. Saddam Hussein has got to be laughing his head off at George Bush right now, Mr. "Mission Accomplished.", the son of his father Abu George, Mr. "Read my lips, no new taxes." Unfortunately the Democrats are such weaklings, like Hubert Humphrey Dumptey and Walter Mondale that they can't knock out the Republican Party that has already knocked itself out on the domestic and world stage, plunging America into bankruptcy and making it the black sheep of the World. Don't worry because soon it will all be over.
Earthlings are the laughing stock, the comedy channel of the Universe. Many Americans today are wondering why the Bushes, whose oil company was financed by the Bin Laden family and who sit on the board of directors of their puppets the Saudi Royal family are now selling the American ports to the Muslim United Arab Emirates. The question is, "Who is pulling whose strings?" The House of Saud is obviously funneling billions into the Bushes Swiss bank accounts for keeping them in power and safe from Osama Bin Laden, the well known video star. Video did not kill the radio star. To say this is to blaspheme Howard Stern. Yeshua aka Joshua aka Jesus aka South Park Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi with a black hat and a black coat and long sideburns aka pais who created the Universe and everything in it, according to 2,000,000,000 Christians. 1,000,000,000 Christians believe that the successor to Joshua Goldstein was Peter aka The Pope aka His Holiness "Mr. Infallible", Mr. incapable of error. Another 1,000,000,000 Christians don't believe this. This disagreement over the successor to Jesus has led to countless wars and murders and raping and pillaging of innocent Christian men, women and children. It is so easy to see insanity in others but impossible to see it in ourselves. Yesterday my friend Isabelle attended a Hermes scarf club luncheon. One woman brought 30 of her 400 $500 Hermes scarves for show and tell. The Hermes head scarf is $5,000. The female Miami stevedores love their new uniform, burkas. The Jebusites and the Hittites are making a comeback at Disneyworld, which was recently purchased by the House of Saud aka the BarbJennaBush Development Corporation. Who needs screenwriters when truth is stranger than fiction?
So, what separates Sunni Muslims from Shiite Muslims other than their battle for the power, control and oil of Iraq? Well, the Prophet Muhammad lived about 1,400 years ago on a planet 5 billion years old with human skeletons named Lucy 4 million years old. A Prophet is a person, like Joshua Goldfarb, who speaks to God and gets the game plan. Today he would either be a schizophrenic undergoing electro shock therapy and a lobotomy or a best selling author. The Prophet Muhammad could not read or write, and he did not speak directly to God of Mount Sinai, aka Allah, God the Father, The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, Adonai, Yehovah, Elohim, Hashem, etc. Instead he spoke to the same Angel Gabriel who brought the good news to the Virgin Mary aka Mirriam Goldstein that God the Father had impregnated her with his Holy Spirit and she was about to give birth to the Messiah immaculately.
The Prophet Muhammad had a scribe, and he dictated his prophecies to the scribe and 50 years after the Prophet died the Muslim Bible Writers came up with the Muslim Holy Scriptures: The Hebrew Old Testament, The Christian New Testament and the Koran. Perhaps they did not notice that in the Old Testament it says that the Messiah will kill every non Jew and the Christian New Testament says that the Messiah will kill every non Christian upon his arrival on a flying white horse from Heaven.
So, what separates Sunni Muslims from Shiite Muslims? God of Mount Sinai, in his very first commandment carved by Him personally in stone says, "Do not worship, bow down to or idolize or revere anyone on Earth." The Muslims revere the Prophet Muhammad as the Christians revere the Prophet Jesus as the Jews revere Knicks tickets and corned beef sandwiches on rye with kimel, Jesus' favorite dish. The Prophet Muhammad had a son in law named Ali ibn Abi Talib aka Imam Ali. The Shiites believe that he was the leader of Islam after Muhammad, the proper successor to Muhammad, and follow his heirs. The Sunnis do not. They believe that the true successor of Muhammad was his lieutenant Abu (father of) Baker. Bob Dole is a UAE port lobbyist. Prior to Jesus usurping power from the Roman Gods and Goddesses upon his election as God at the Council of Nicaea 300 years after his death, the Roman Empire and the Greek Empire worshipped their own Gods and Goddesses including the Greek Goddess of Love Aphrodite renamed Venus by the Romans. I'm your Venus, I'm your fire, I'm your desire.
In the fairy tale, Uranus was castrated by his son Cronus. Jesus, the Prince of Peace says, "I have not come to bring you Peace, but the sword, to turn son against father..". Uranus' severed testicles fell into the sea and fertilized the ocean water which began to bubble and from the concoction was born an 18 year old naked Goddess Aphrodite. Venus was painted by Sandro Boticelli. You can pick the painting up on eBay for $325 million. They do accept Pay Pal. Jesus stars in his own cable show "Jesus and Pals" on South Fork. The New Testament does not contain one word of description of Jesus yet his likeness appears on the cross in every Catholic Church to scare the Hell out of every Catholic child. Jesus never said the word Hell in his life. Every time he says Sheol or Gehenna in the Holy Bible the modern Bible Writers substitute the word Hell to scare the Hell out of every Christian child. Fear and guilt are the classic brainwashing techniques. Gehenna was where the Jewish and non Jewish people sacrificed their first born children alive on fire altars 2,500 years ago just south of Jerusalem. Sheol was the place underground where both the good and the bad spirits went to live together after death according to Jesus Christ in the original Greek manuscripts of the New Testament.
According to the Shi'a Muslims depictions of Muhammad are verboten. According to the Sunni Muslims they are allowed. This controversy stirred up by the cartoon is the root of the now exploding Iraq civil war. Cartoons are a form of art as old as hieroglyphics and paintings by our ancestors on cave walls. After the last American Civil War there were cartoons of carpetbaggers being hung from trees and donkeys branded with the emblem KKK. The triple K's were disgruntled Americans from the southern states numbering in the millions who crucified blacks, Jews and Catholics and set the crosses on fire less than 200 years ago. Our ancestors were sadistic and masochistic freaks and we are their clones. Don't worry because soon it will all be over.
The only thing on Earth that sells better then sex is the right to commit murder and the Religions have the market cornered. Islam rewards the murder of Christians and Jews with eternal paradise in Heaven with God and 72 virgins, crystal clear springs and unlimited wine with no side effects. (Koran Sura 9:29-30, Sura 56). Jesus is soon returning to throw all of the non Christians into the fire and to Rapture the Christians into Paradise for doing this for him. (Matthew 13:36-43). The Jewish Messiah is coming soon to smash every non believer into a million pieces like a potter's vessel and conquer the world for the Jews. (Psalm 2). Every single nuclear scientist knows that nuclear world war III and its aftermath nuclear winter then ultraviolet summer will have zero survivors. The only way for us to survive is through world peace. The Temple of Love - The World Peace Religion, makes Peace among and unites Christianity, Islam, Judaism and everyone else by tying them together with their common threads and resolving all of their differences once and for all. The problem is that selling Peace to bloodthirsty Earthlings massacring innocent children because fairy tales command them to is like trying to teach great white sharks not to eat fish. At least they don't eat pork.

Why Do Muslims Kill Apostates

Un hombre afgano enfrenta actualmente la pena de muerte para la conversión al cristianismo del Islam. El ex musulmán conocido como Abdul Brahman ha sido acusado de apostasía y encarcelado, pero todavía está por ser acusados formalmente bajo leyes islámicas.
En los Estados Unidos la semana pasada, talk shows y grupos de defensa reunieron sus partidarios, que inundaron la casa blanca y la Embajada de Afganistán con denuncias contra el Islam. Elogiables, el incidente ha provocado una protesta internacional rápida de líderes mundiales. El Presidente Bush, él mismo ha expresado cómo "profundamente agitada" es sobre la pena de muerte que se avecina.
Y una vez más Islam la cal luz por todas las razones equivocadas.
Grupos antimusulmanes han sido muy rápidos capitalizar los sentimientos actuales. Una plétora de literatura de odio contra el Islam rápidamente ahora está circulando en Internet, acusando a los musulmanes de frenando injustamente a sus compañeros que deseen optar por la religión.
Islam es acusado de ser un culto chovinista e intolerante cuyo crecimiento fenomenal sólo está ocurriendo porque los musulmanes no pueden salir de la religión. Los musulmanes están siendo retratados como dígitos dispuestos atrapados en una religión cuyas garras tienen que soportar silenciosamente durante el resto de su vida.
Los más creativos incluso han descrito el Islam como "Hotel California". Puede retirar en cualquier momento te gusta pero nunca puede dejar.
¿Pero estas acusaciones verdaderos? ¿Es el Islam realmente unforbearing hacia los seguidores de otras religiones, especialmente apóstatas? ¿Puede uno realmente "desproteger"?
No hay coacción en el Islam
La verdad del asunto es el Islam es una religión que nunca se ha visto obligada a. La idea que una conversión en el Islam es una forma de calle en la que uno nunca puede activar desde es un mito mucho disipado. El Corán prohíbe a los musulmanes a la fuerza el Islam en un individuo. Los musulmanes pasados y presentes en gran medida han convertido en Islam fuera de su propia libre voluntad.
Un ejemplo muy claro de este comando es el siguiente verso coránico traducido de Surah Al-Baqarah:
2:256-"No debe no haber ninguna coacción en religión: verdad destaca claramente de error: quien rechaza mal y cree en Alá ha captado el asidero más fiable, que nunca se rompe. Y Alá oyen y sabe todas las cosas.
Otro verso coránico que los eruditos musulmanes han señalado que es la siguiente de Surah Al-Hijr, que dice:
15:2-3 "Una y otra vez a aquellos que no creen, desean que habían cedido (a la voluntad de Dios) en el Islam. Dejarlos solos, para disfrutar (las cosas buenas de esta vida) y para complacer a sí mismos: deja esperanza (falsa) divertirles: pronto tendrá conocimiento (les undeceive). "
Nuevamente, ninguna autoridad ha sido cedida a los musulmanes para matar específicamente los apóstatas del Islam no debe significan ningún daño. Apóstatas son considerados bastante no musulmanes.
Compulsión no hará sentido en el Islam. El Islam es una de las fuerzas de más rápido crecimiento en la tierra hoy. Uno de cada cinco personas en este mundo es musulmán. Una religión fuerte como Islam podría no han prosperado sin sincera devoción y fe de sus seguidores, especialmente durante la época tumultuosa como las numerosas persecuciones musulmanas durante la época de Mahoma y varias cruzadas en la edad media. A veces como aquellos, muchos podrían simplemente dejaron Islam para el confort de la paz y prosperidad.
Pero no lo hicieron. Se quedaron más tiempo y el Islam es lo que es hoy. La prosperidad y el crecimiento del Islam en el futuro todavía dependerá de esa misma fe y sinceridad - no coacción.
Así que ¿por qué los musulmanes piden la muerte de apóstatas?
La práctica de otorgar muerte a apóstatas que se deriva de una vez en la historia donde los judíos y los paganos árabes introduzca el Islam con la intención de perturbar y engañar el bienestar de la religión. Segun señaló historiadores y estudiosos musulmanes, estos hipócritas que pretende abrazar el Islam para cometer saqueos y causar daño a la comunidad musulmana una vez que son aceptados en. Después de realiza su trabajo, dejaría Islam tan rápido como había abrazado.
En casos como estos, la pena de muerte habría sido la disuasión definitiva para frenar esa conducta delincuente y potencialmente dañina hacia el Islam. Tenga en cuenta que el Islam es una religión que fue muy bajo la persecución y la evitación de esas actividades fue absolutamente crucial para la comunidad de supervivencia. Esa es la razón por qué hay varias evidencias en el profeta refranes (Hadith) donde se concede permiso para matar a estos tipos de apóstatas.
Además de eso, también eran apóstatas altamente peligrosos como Musylama Al-Kaththab, que se había reunido un ejército en el actual Omán poco después de la muerte del profeta Mahoma. Su intención era aniquilar totalmente a los musulmanes de la faz de la tierra. Si no había impuesta la pena de muerte en apóstatas, como él, Islam no hubiera sobrevivido.
Pero esto ya no se aplica en el contexto de los tiempos actuales, especialmente en las sociedades multiculturales que vivimos. Lamentablemente, las sociedades como Afganistán han decidido mantener la sentencia de muerte.
Las sociedades musulmanas más tolerantes como los de Singapur, Malasia e Indonesia han permitido a los musulmanes a abandonar la religión-libre de perturbaciones similares. Sin embargo, los musulmanes que deseen abandonar la religión a veces son asesorados por las autoridades religiosas y miembros de la familia.
Pero ¿cuál es la necesidad de tal asesoramiento? ¿No es una forma de perturbación demasiado?
Perder a un miembro de la familia es siempre un acontecimiento triste. Del mismo modo cuando la comunidad musulmana está a punto de perder a un miembro de la familia, naturalmente intentarían impedir que ocurra. Esperemos que cambian sus mentes.
Barreras similares y a veces castigos están presentes en otras religiones también. Por ejemplo en el cristianismo, los miembros han sido explícitamente dijo matar apóstatas con sus propias manos.
Deuteronomio 13:6-9 "si tu propio hermano, o tu hijo o hija o la esposa que amas, o tu mejor amigo secreto atrae a usted, diciendo: dejemos ir y adorar a otros dioses (dioses que ni usted ni sus padres han conocido, dioses de los pueblos que te rodea, ya sea cerca o lejos, de un extremo de la tierra a otro, o dioses de otras religiones), no ceder a él o escuchar de él. Le no muestran piedad. No le sobra o le protegen. Ciertamente le debe poner a la muerte. Tu mano debe ser la primera en poniéndolo a muerte y luego a manos de todas las personas".
Deuteronomio 17:3-5 "Y él debe ir y adorar a otros dioses y arco abajo para ellos o para el sol o la Luna o todo el ejército de los cielos,.... .y debe piedra tal uno con piedras y tal debe morir."
Apostasía no es ajeno al Islam. Líderes musulmanes en la edad han vivido pacíficamente con apóstatas y seguirán así por lo que en el futuro. Irónicamente, es nuestra tolerancia y benevolencia que puede ser la clave para hacer retroceder. No violencia y la indiferencia.

¿Quién posee Nigeria - cristianos o musulmanes?

Nigeria, a country blessed by the Almighty God, is made up so many parts. All of these parts are associated with one form of religion or the other. However, there are two prominent religions that are practiced by the larger population of the country - Christianity and Islam. For obvious reasons, these religions have been struggling to maintain a leadership position or superiority over the others.
The government at the centre has always been watching the religious drama as it unfolds on daily basis. Most leaders have often been tempted to take sides with the ugly development thereby soiling their hands in the murky waters of religious extremism. In places, where the Christians are in majority, Muslims cry foul, alleging marginalization and same thing happens in places where the Muslims are in majority. In such areas, introducing oneself as a member of one religion where the other is in majority is to say the least, creating animosity.
In situations as bad as this, the central government is expected to remain neutral and unbiased arbitrator in matters of this nature. A perfect example is the seizure of all the Christian (Mission) schools by the Federal Republic of Nigeria years back. It should be noted that, the Federal Government of Nigeria acted in line with true "federalism", the nature of these schools notwithstanding. Nationals who do not subscribe to the Christian religion will be free to acquire Western Education without engendering religious jealousy. Though, without apology, the Federal Government of Nigeria, it should be noted, acted in the interest of national unity to create an environment where Muslims and Christians will feel free in a plural society, attend the same school, and interact socially, without being maligned.
The on-going debate on the government's introduction of "Islamic Banking System", which has already put the two religions (Christianity and Islam) at loggerhead is an issue that calls for public attention. The Nigerian Banking Sector which has been experiencing myriads of reform policies lately, which are carefully initiated and carried out in its leadership position, has not witnessed the kind of heat this new reform is generating.
Right thinking Nigerians have remained apprehensive over the issue due to the power of religion to create division. The planned introduction of Islamic banking model into the Nigerian financial landscape is one of the issues that have raised so much dust as result of the term "Islamic" that is attached to the name. The things that happen in this country on daily basis have made the proponents of a single and indivisible nation under the name "Nigeria" to have a rethink. As a result, there is a debate on the issue of "nomenclature" whether or not the proposed non-interest banking should maintain the name "Islamic Banking". Pundits have said that the term "Islamic Banking" will only succeed in stoking the fires of mutual distrust in a peculiar religion-sensitive environment like Nigeria. It is also seen that adopting the controversial name will be a grave violation of the nation's secular status.
The on-going debate which has actually generated so much trouble. The Christians in one hand, are accusing the Muslims of enjoying cheap popularity by allowing the government to place Islam above and against other religions in the country, especially on their purported bid to Islamize Nigeria (see Daily Trust, Monday July 4, 2011, page 30 and Thursday July, 7, 2011, pages 26-27). The Muslims, on the other hand, are accusing the Christians of being ignorant and at the same time, deviating from real Christianity, if they agree with the present Nigerian banking system that promotes extortion.
Debunking the claims of the Christians that "Islamic Banking" is a way to Islamize Nigeria, the Muslims claim that their voices have not been heard over the years in the activities of Nigerian government especially, in policy making, because according to them, Nigerian government has been operating on the English Christian Laws. The question that most Nigerians have not failed to ask as a result of this unsubstantiated claim is, "When did English Laws translate into Christian Laws?" English Laws, as we know, came as a result of British colonization of Nigeria, not through religious (Christian) imposition. It should be noted here that the Christians in Nigeria are not at home with everything in the Nigerian Constitution because, there are so many things in the law that run contrary to Christian ethics. In other words, Christians and Muslims should learn to accommodate the plurality of the Nigerian nation and desist from unwarranted utterances that could cause chaos. Everybody (no matter the tribe, or religion) is needed in building a united Nigeria. Christians and Muslims are expected to live in peace with one another. Every good invention or discovery to advance the nation is highly appreciated. When one part discovers a thing, the other parts benefit without subjecting the up-coming parts to servitude.
The claim that the concept of "Islamic Banking" is ominous is an understatement, because it is truly not in the national interest. A critical look at the nomenclature tells us that Islam takes the credit of banking reformation in Nigeria even when all the people working day and night in building the solid banking system are not Muslims. As a person, I have always liked people initiating good projects and programmes that will not only unite Nigeria but help in taking her to the next level. This system of "non-interest" banking as advocated by the leadership of Nigeria's apex bank is a welcome idea, but the religious colouration of it is not proper. In other words, the apex bank should develop a listening culture where people's contributions in the way it runs the activities of the banking sector should be valued. This will kill the idea of a section of the country raising shoulders over and above the others for having their names written in gold, even when the hand holding the pen and the paper belongs elsewhere.
However, the idea of one's voice not being heard in a nation like Nigeria suggests selfishness. Nigeria belongs to all of us and contributing to its growth should always be a collective work. This is why removing the religious colouration from this system of banking will go a long way in safeguarding against any form of discrimination, as the approach of the apex bank is a poor demonstration of sensitivity to the unity of Nigeria. The government should as a matter of urgency, suspend the action of the apex bank until a compromise is reached, since the idea of an "Islamic Banking" for a country like Nigeria is capable of playing one religion against another. Also, having studied the issue at hand, the government as well as the apex bank should consider the following as a way out:
1. A better, but unifying nomenclature should be adopted and the concept of "Islamic Banking" dropped hence it is capable of over-heating the already charged political and religious atmosphere of the country. It will also help in uniting all the different religious groups without engendering jealousy or religious bickering.
2. New banks should be established which will completely carry out the Islamic Banking System. This will create the needed difference from the already existing system of banking operation in Nigeria. This idea is also healthy because it will give room for competition and enhance customer's banking choice.
3. Government should create room for religious organizations to participate in the banking sector by way of owning and managing banks to their own tastes and standards. This will help in creating an enabling environment for those who hide under the cloak a country to champion or further the course of a particular religion to have a level playing ground that will expose their expertise in handling financial matters.
4. If the establishment of new banks is not possible at the moment, already existing banks will be given the option of choosing between the present banking system and the proposed "non-interest banking" system. This will alleviate the fear of imposing a particular religion over a right thinking and free citizens of Nigeria.
Nigerians should understand that the nationality of this country is not built on a particular ethnic or religious group, therefore, learning to accommodate one another means that issues of national interest should always be weighed against all odds before they are adopted or implemented. However, the accusations and counter-accusations from these religious bodies should be put to rest because they are truly unhealthy to our cooperate existence. Nigeria belongs to neither the Christians alone nor to the Muslims alone. Let us learn to love, cherish and accommodate one another. God bless Nigeria!

Confront anti-Muslim prejudices; Muslims are fighting a mirage

Coverage of Muslims and Islam is a bread and butter media commodity. First amendment guarantees and free speech provisions in western countries limit censorship based upon sensitivities of a particular religious group. Favorable coverage and dispassionate, objective editorial regarding Muslims and Islam is not an entitlement in the real world of the free press. Such is usually accomplished through paid advertising. Journalistic integrity competes with ratings and circulation value, and responsible reporting from one perspective is unwarranted media bias from another. Such happens when people think for themselves. Thus, it stands to reason that negative portrayal and contemptuous commentary of Muslims, and Islam in western media is an inextricable certainty of the industry, particularly in light of global events. Although it frequently angers Muslims, and evokes protest and condemnation, it is unlikely to go away. Nevertheless, as Muslims our concern is legitimate and the matter requires attention. The question is what type of attention?
Despite condemnation, various public relations overtures, civil rights actions and legal maneuvers, the anti-Muslim comment has not vanished. When will it end? How can we stop it? The truth is, there is no foreseeable end in sight, and if we continue to employ the same reactionary methods to change public opinion, or quell anti-Muslim statements, the problem will only exacerbate. Part of the conundrum is our reluctance to assume collective accountability for our condition. Another cause of the problem is conspicuous absence of Quranic and Prophetic guidance in our choice of tactics.
Slander, ill treatment, and negative perception of Muslims are not simply public relation challenges requiring conventional image re-tooling. Or a mere civil rights dilemma remedied by protest and letters to the editor, and certainly not just a constitutional infraction requiring a Bill of Rights refresher course. There are numerous geo-political, theological, and socio-environmental factors which determine how Muslims living in the United States are spoken of, spoken to, and treated. Overstating the scale and breadth of ill sentiment toward Muslims in America is counter productive. Disregarding the root causes is irresponsible. Ignoring it completely is a missed opportunity. Expecting positive results while failing to employ an Islamic ethical approach is a fantasy existing only in the quilt of our minds woven together with the threads of wishful thinking.
Ill sentiment and verbal attacks against Islam and some Muslims in the United States does occur. However, considering that there are about 5 million Muslims in America, the ratio of reported incidents of anti Muslim bias reported by CAIR is 40 out every 100,000, which is too low to warrant priority one status.
Countering verbal disparagement with protest is a tactically flawed approach. In this year alone; there has been at least three major incidents (the cartoon satirizing our Prophet (SAWS), the Pope's repeating a centuries old quotation, and the eight Imams who were unceremoniously escorted off an airplane) of verbal or public insult of Islam, the Prophet (SAWS) or Muslims. In each case there was protest, vociferous indignation, and demands for retraction or apologies. Yet, in each case, indignation yielded no measurable improvement of Muslim image or cessation of anti-Muslim bias or speech. Additionally, the principal sentiment fueling the response was anger. In all but the last incident, response resulted in the loss of innocent life. It is ironic that anger is the very emotion that warrants suppression according to the islamic ethical code.
A greater irony is that in each case, media characterization of Muslim response was replete with words like, "rage", "fury", and "anger". I personally do not recall any headlines that captioned; "Muslims love for their Prophet caused them to... "or the love of Allah fuels protest", or, Muslim expresses their love for Islam by boycotting...." Thus from a strategic perspective, response netted negligible dividend. To consider whatever dialogue that followed as tangible gain is a misleading since doctrinal polemics between Islam and other faiths have existed for over 1400 years. In the game of image politics, celebratory elation when a detractor agrees to your petition to dialogue is a sophisticated and sanitized form of humiliation. It messages a craving for legitimacy. The compulsive rush to defend criticism implies that there is truth in it.
Islamic canonical law does not prescribe recrimination as a response to verbal affront which carry no judicial or legal consequence. Unflattering words are not repelled by the same; on the contrary, evil is only repelled by justice. "Nor can goodness and Evil be equal. Repel (Evil) with what is better: Then will he between whom and thee was hatred become as it were thy friend and intimate!" Ibn Abbaas said: "Allah (God) summons the Muslim community to exercise patience when angry, benevolence in the face of ignorance, and pardon when offended. If people did that, Allah would protect them from the Devil" . If countering verbal disparagement with protest and reciprocal assault is righteousness, then to do the opposite constitutes unrighteousness. Obviously, such a hypothesis contradicts Prophetic guidance. The example of the Prophet (SAWS) in responding to verbal disparagement against himself, His Lord, or Muslims was to exercise restraint.
The dangerous theological implications of the protest approach seem to escape consideration. Understandably we are frustrated by the incessant degrading, slaughter, and humiliation of Muslims. However, although anger, insult and frustration are causes of moral infraction in Islamic law, they are unacceptable justifications for it. Otherwise, emotion would outrank divine injunction as the primary criterion of good conduct. Such a notion is heresy according to orthodox Muslim theology
Prioritization of anti-Muslim bias as a premiere issue over Muslim intra-religious hostility and sectarianism transposes the divine contractual assignment of Islamic law. It creates a reverse moral assumptive whereas intra-religious sectarianism is an acceptable paradigm while anti Muslim bias is not. The latter is declared intolerable to the degree of public protest, indignant response, and central billing in Friday sermons, while the former warrants no such attention, although it ranks amongst the category of major sins in Islam. Stoicism in the face of verbal invective is virtue while the Muslim slander of Muslim is depravity and Muslim on Muslim killing approaches heresy. "Slander of a Muslim is depravity and killing him is heresy".
Therefore, by what moral rationale do we address anti-Muslim sentiment in the press, which by itself bears no spiritual penalty for Muslims if left unattended, and not devote similar attention to Muslim on Muslim killing and slander which register sin by occurrence, and sin when allowed to continue. "Verily the believers are a single brotherhood therefore make peace between your brethren and fear Allah so ye may receive mercy" .
Since verbal disparagement against Muslims and Islam is an inevitable occurrence, Islamic spiritual etiquette emphasizes preparing in advance for its contingency and utilizing deflective buffering if and when it happens. "Ye shall certainly be tried and tested in your possessions and in your personal selves; and ye shall certainly Hear much that will grieve you, from those who received the Book before you and from those who worship many gods. But if ye persevere patiently, and guard against evil,-then that will be a determining factor in all affairs!" Hence, no shock or dismay should follow slanderous, negative, or degrading statements about Muslims especially in environments where we are religious minorities, such as the United States. As a rule Muslims should resist grieving over verbal insult, "Let not their speech, then, grieve thee. Verily We know what they hide as well as what they disclose
When verbal and media denigration occurs, there are scriptural analgesics that buffer and counteract psychological, emotional, or spiritual irritation. "And have patience with what they say, and leave them with noble (dignity)" . Dignified detachment rekindles spiritual fortitude and prioritizes inner jihad. Self control and spiritual focus does more to convey the noble attributes of Islamic teachings than hypersensitivity and angered reaction to disparagement. It brings forth divine assurance of blessing and guidance which in significantly more rewarding than emotional capitulation to antagonist sentiments. "Those who, when afflicted with calamity say: "To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return. They are those on whom (Descend) blessings from God, and Mercy, and they are the ones that receive guidance". Blessings and mercy is better than anguish and consternation.
Frenzied retort to anti-Muslim speech underscores the need for Muslim moral attentiveness, and bolsters the argument for reform. Not reform of Islam as suggested by many, but reform of the Muslim heart so that behavior response conforms to Islamic teachings and pleasing the Creator takes precedence over pleasing the created. If there is truth in the verbal invectives launched against us, then reminder is a timely utility since remembrance benefits the believer. If it is false, with no basis in truth, we praise Allah that we are free of it. Demanding that people not insult or speak ill of Muslims only bolsters animosity. It may occasionally silence the tongue, but it has little effect on the heart of the antagonist. Public criticism when muffled turns into whispers (was'wasa) which though lower in decibel, is exponentially more insidious. Let's leave response to insult to Allah and concentrate on our own salvation. "If good fortune comes to you, it grieves them; and if evil befalls you, they rejoice in it. But if you are patient in adversity and conscious of God, their guile cannot harm you at all: for, verily, Allah encompasses [with His might] all that they do. " The sooner we do this, the better. Otherwise we will find ourselves inducted into a war of words in which entry itself assures moral casualty.

Los musulmanes pueden poseer perros

There is one important news in United Kingdom at the time (again) made me wonder about the religion, faith and tolerance.
The issue is about an advertisement for a postcard for a phone number is not emergency police. The postcard includes a puppy black playing with a police hat. The postcard dealers had strong resistance from Muslim traders who refused to put the poster in their window. His argument is that the Prophet Muhammad stated dogs (and especially black dogs as the advertising) to be impure animals which need to be killed. They feel that placing the postcard in their shop Windows would be against the Quran (Holy Book used by the faith of Islam).
The response of the police was to apologize for causing offense to Muslims. I found strange, because surely all-purpose recognize diversity cuts both ways? If Muslims want recognition for their practices and unique beliefs, surely must they also recognize the unique beliefs and practices of those around them? It isn't the point of recognizing diversity? I do not think that the solution is to apologize and withdraw the postcard. Not would have it been more appropriate to keep the postcard for those audiences that may be associated with him and also have an independent postal can associate Muslims?
I'm not an expert on Islam and decided to read about this issue with dogs. From a Web site that addresses the issues that the Prophet Muhammad had with dogs, it seems that there is no statement in the Quran about dogs. Statements Mohammed apparently done on dogs listed in Hadith (oral traditions relating to the words and deeds of the Islamic prophet).
It seems that Mohammed had a bad experience with a black dog, and as a result expressed his dislike of dogs and especially black. She was then accepted as gospel together with the Qur'an because it was attributed to Mohammed.
If this is the case and Mohammed had a bad experience with sparrows, then sparrows would have probably been unclean animals in Islam.
It made me think of a story about a woman who always cut fish in half when she cooks for her family. One day she scolded his daughter to put a whole fish in the pot, and challenged him to his daughter. The woman said that her grandmother had always cut the fish in half, and he was right. The daughter then questioned his grandmother about this habit, and the grandmother said I "I really cannot recall." "Perhaps was the pot too small?"
People don't think in what is said to believe, especially when it comes to religion. Only accept everything at face value.
An Islamic scholar in Canada gave guidelines Muslims owning dogs. This is allowed, but clearly only when the dogs are regarded as working animals, including the work of the police. Even if the fact that the man is an Islamic scholar is removed from the response, advice makes complete sense in terms of hygiene and domestic animals. This does not mean that I do not like dogs. Really like dogs and cats - please do not send the RSPCA called at my door!
If the people of diversity and the police had done their homework, he would have been able to report first and then also Muslim traders on the real problem with dogs in Islam and about what the Koran really says (or in this case not to say) about dogs. They would have then been able to provide acceptable alternative postcards and also educate the public about the consequences of having dogs as pets. Instead he offered apologies for the wrong reasons and biodiversity has not really been able to recognize.
I wondered: what is misunderstood under the guise of Islam and the Koran, simply because people choose to believe every word that someone says without questioning it?
And it is not exclusive of any particular faith this believing without question. I have had people I deal with because I believe in reincarnation. I was told that I have to make my peace with Jesus who died for my sins (i.e., it gave me a license to be imprudent because he will take the consequences in my name and I get off the hook?) for more than two thousand years.
My question is: If the reincarnation does not exist because it is not described in the Bible, where Jesus is hidden during the last two thousand years? Where he will return to come and "save me" from my own actions?
God gave us the mind to explore and collect information, so we can make our own decisions. We will honor God and use our minds.

George W. Bush: Un Presidente Will no acobardarnos a militantes musulmanes

When Islamic terrorists began their assault on America on September 11, 2001, I knew that this was not any normal attack. Feeling deeply moved by what happened, led a car rental from Florida to New York, where I worked to zero in the first week after the attack.
President Bush arrived on the second day I was working with the Salvation Army. I had the honour to be in this House Holy with rescue, police and firefighters of New York workers. President Bush was quick to express his gratitude to all present for their efforts to rescue and immediate response to the victims of the tragedy.
After forty-five minutes of shaking hands and respectfully greeting and thanking everyone separately the President with megaphone in hand, said: "America is with the bent knee". Apparently he has not had turned into his megaphone. Many people shouted him "we can hear you!"
Then, President Bush said, "you can not hear me, but I can hear you." And who knocked down these buildings are going to listen to every one of us! "It was then the crowd erupted in shouts with fists well and raised to the sky,"use!"" United States! "USA!"
I have never experienced and I have witnessed a more patriotic moment in my life. Adrenaline was flowing all their strength and they were made of goose bumps all over my body.
Since that time our loved President aggressively went after terrorists. Desire however he would have focused more Pakistan etc. (perhaps where Bin Laden is hiding) and Saudi Arabia (where many of these terrorists ideologically breed) instead of going to Iraq.
Yet to our political system and the limitation of the number of years that a President can serve in Office, oil rich Saudis seem to continually win favor with Washington to finance political campaigns are not cheap. Perhaps this explains why the President welcomed them on his ranch shortly after his election. Not to mention the several missing pages of the 911 report in Saudi Arabia.
As for the Saudis some covert operations not discussed perhaps. Perhaps the Saudi royal family is terrorised by their own Islamic fundamentalist terrorists and search our friendship to navigate the complexities at home in Riyadh.
The good, however, must go to Iraq is the terrorists, citing the Koran are now coming from all over the world we on foreign soil where are soldiers quickly to deal with them.
Ideologically I support President Bush unconditionally in its relentless pursuit of Muslim terrorists. As he has said:
"America never run..." And we will always be grateful that liberty has found such brave defenders.
"If America shows weakness and uncertainty, the world is derived to tragedy." "It will not happen on my watch."
"We have learned that the terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of force;" they were invited by the perception of weakness. "And the surest way to prevent attacks against our own people is to engage the enemy where he lives and plans."
"If we have to our enemies to justice or do justice to our enemies, Justice will be."
"We do not tire we will not falter and an error will not occur."

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