Thursday, 14 June 2012

Confronting Racism in the Hearts of Some Muslims

Too often Muslim-Americans have learned to accentuate the race. This is done primarily to avoid being seen as nationalist or racist so goes against the teachings of the Islam itself very. However exacerbate the race is also accentuate conditions directed towards a community have the most powerful racism (white supremacy is called in America) as police brutality, discrimination in employment and a legal system unfair and biased that he often mistreats the poor and oppressed to name a few.
However, there is a tendency to forget the many verses of the Qur'an that admonish humanity to house the racism in the first place. We must remember as Satanás became the first racist in history by refusing to submit to the man, simply because man was created from the clay of the Earth and created the fire without smoke, that Alá him punished for this reason and sentenced him to the infernal.
As Allah condemns racism, it also gives victims of racism permission to fight against it. However, one cannot fight him, if they are well prepared or are taught to fear that it has before it. When Satan expressed his racist hatred of the man and swore to be eternal enemy of man, Alá gave man tools to fight against it.
The first tool that gave was the ability to recognize Satans tactics through our intellect and other senses. Once used, then we will formulate strategies designed to prevent that racist agents of Satan to promulgate his form of racism. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that anyone who has a grain of mustard of pride in his heart would never enter into paradise, and that pride was to have a disregard for the truth and a contempt for a people. Satan is exhibited towards Adam (peace be upon him) and the entire human race. The philosophy of racism is exposing this. In America is called white supremacy only because who have greater power to enact his racism in others that are powerless members of a minority are classified as white. In Saudi Arabia is could be called Saudi Arabia supremacy in Chinese supremacy Chinese and so on. Allah does not ignore the racism of Satans, but him punished for it. For this reason and others will be discussed in the second part that we should be able to eliminate the tendency to accentuate the Muslim race among African-Americans if he or she is going to overcome and rise above internalization of the harsh effects of racism.
Many Muslims who come from abroad have shown his disinterest in directly on this issue. This can be experienced by your lack of participation in the areas of helping homeless people, the drug addict or convict former routine who found Islam in prison and now needs a support group to keep their faith after his release. This can also be seen by the large annual conventions that can attract thousands of Muslims take issues such as having a beautiful Ramadan or love his neighbor, but refuse to deal seriously with the oppression and social injustice around the world that are often in charge of racism. When I say "deal seriously with" I am referring to identify problems, adopt a plan of isolation, develop a strategy to correct them, monitor their progress and blame individuals for their strategic application.
In this series of "Made to Sunni Muslims - face racism in the hearts of some Muslims" God willing we can try to do.

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