Thursday, 14 June 2012

Muslims and Identity in the United States

"Country of a man is not a given area of land, mountains, rivers and forests, but is a principle and patriotism is loyalty to that principle." - George William Curtis
Does every day, thousands of Muslims in North America are faced with the same question and predicament wishing to address: "I'm a Muslim American"? Or am I a Muslim American? ". This identity crisis has plagued the Muslim communities in North America, leading to confusion among young Muslims who should his loyalty; Should his loyalty to America first or it is due to the land his parents came from? It is very important to the Muslim communities to establish that one should owe his own loyalty to several different principles, such as the States of Tariq Ramadan in many of his speeches, include a hyphen between the two identities rather than having one to replace one identity in the other. It is important to establish this distinction between the two types of identities one can take, as the identity that Ramadan suggest that it is very essential to ensure the future as loyalties that is inside provide the necessary elements for the future of Islam in the West.
Muslim communities in the West need to pave the way for the conversion of the identities of many young Muslims and older living within their communities with little contact with other identity of non-Muslim communities. In the book of Ramadan, Ramadan strongly inspects the isolation level currently held in Muslim communities in the West, where the loyalties of the Western Muslims are heavily focused on loyalty to Islam only. This can be seen when he writes it is necessary that the Muslim communities in the Western world to avoid isolation and participate in societies in which they live, in order to address the many problems facing these communities. Ramadan believes that this can be dangerous, as the lack of loyalty towards where a Western Muslim lies in that it can lead to isolation. The isolation resulting from this lack of loyalty to a country can prevent Muslim communities allowing their problems to be taken seriously and addressed. In addition, this lack of loyalty can lead to a lack of the necessary interaction between the communities of Muslims and non-Muslims can be meant to prevent social, economic and cultural benefits in Muslim communities. Ramadan said that Muslim communities in the West should establish interactions with others around them, as this may lead to political, social and cultural achievements. Therefore, it is important for Muslim Americans in the West to establish loyalties to their respective countries proud and take full advantage of the rights that are able to exercise. Establishing the loyalty within Muslim communities in the United States, Muslims of all ages should feel obliged to contribute to the very intricate political system, allowing them to address the issues, wanting to improve. Finally, Ramadan mentions that establish a loyalty to the country of a Muslim in the West also can contribute to the improvement of the Muslim community, as doing so can help to establish an identity among the non-Muslim communities. Muslim communities did not establish an identity among the non-Muslim communities, which contributes to the reality addresses why Muslims have been recognized as anti-American in the United States recently. The reality is the fact that Muslims have failed to correctly illustrate that there is true loyalty to the United States exhibition. In result, a population of Americans believes that Muslims are indeed, anti-American. Consequently, they succeed finding the will to address the problems and issues they face today in Muslim communities. Of as a result of this, it is necessary that Muslim communities established loyalties to their respective countries in order to ensure future of Muslims and provide improvement of Muslims in the West.
Still another facet and prospect of loyalty, where Ramadan fails to consider that it is necessary for the construction of the future of not only Western Muslims, but Muslims around the world. Ramadan cannot examine the degree of decrease of loyalty to those who are currently losing young Muslims. Reality points to the fact that young Muslims in the West not now for illustrating that they are truly loyal to the West. Ramadan addressed this to some extent, where he states that the loss of a Muslim identity can lead to the loss of future resources that can be beneficial to resolve problems within Muslim communities in the future. This can be taken a step further, where the loss of loyalty of young Muslim men to the countries in which they came from can lead to the loss of bright reflection can accelerate the path to solve the problems in the Muslim world. Therefore, it is important to the Muslim communities in the West to ensure the loyalty of young Muslims, which in turn can be used to convert to a longing, desire and the desire of these young Muslims to address currently evident problems in the Muslim world. This can be seen very clearly in a part of the Muslim community in Detroit, where according to Yahoo! News, communities of young Muslims have been test protests to condemn the deadly reprisals by the Syrian security forces against peaceful demonstrators. This can be represented as an example of how you can convert as well as loyalty to desire to solve problems in the Muslim world. Thus, one can really see how loyalty of the Western Muslim country where it comes is important to solve the problems which currently takes place in the Muslim world.
Examine the consequences of the use of loyalty of the Muslim West, one can really see how these loyalties are essential for the future of the only Western non-Muslim, but for Muslims around the world. Consequently, it is necessary for a call to action to be thrust to establish loyalties discussed in this essay, what is important to distinguish between what he calls the Ramadan as a "with guiones-identidad rather than an identity which replaces the other." This can be achieved by providing educational seminars and lectures to illustrate the importance of these loyalties and identities to ensure the future of Muslims in the West and around the world. In this way, the Muslim communities in the West will have success in Muslim force to work to establish these loyalties and identities within their communities.

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