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Never Lose Hope, Even in Hardships

Never Lose Hope, Even in Hardships


In the lives of nations and the history of peoples there are turning-point events that have greatly changed the life of this nation or that people. The history of the Muslim nation abounds with these events. One of the most appealing of these events is the Hijrah; the migration of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) from Makkah to Madinah.
A Great Lesson
There are numerous lessons that can be derived from the Hijrah, if well-contemplated and deeply considered. One of the most appealing lessons of those is hope. Indeed, hope is remarkable feature of the Prophet's character along his entire life, even in the hardest situation.
Unbearable Hardships
Undoubtedly, no Muslim has been ever subjected to what the Prophet has. He has experienced as much hardships of the pagans of Makkah as no one can endure. The following are just examples of what he underwent:
  • He was badly and rudely abused.
  • He was accused of being a poet, a magician and a parson.
  • Dust and dirt were thrown on his head while prostrating near the Ka`bah.
  • He was exiled from his home with tears on his cheeks saying, "O Makkah! You are the nearest place to my heart, and if my tribe had not exiled me from you, I would never have left you."
  • The pagans promised one hundred camels, which was a fortune as that time, as a prize to whoever captures him, alive or dead.
  • His face was cut and his tooth was broken at the battle of Uhud.
  • His uncle, Hamzah, was killed before him at the battle of Uhud, his abdomen was cut opened and his liver was taken out of his body.
  • Seventy of his companions were killed at one time on the day of Al-Raji`.
  • His wife, `Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) was accused of adultery with Safwan ibn Al-Mu`attel, while returning from a battle.
  • He tied a stone, from hunger, on his tummy while digging the trench at the battle of Al-Ahzab.
Undergoing all this and more, did he lose hope? Did he feel disappointed for a while? Did he think of giving up his mission? Did he pray Allah to destroy his enemies? Did he feel sorry for himself? Even, did he ask Allah the Exalted to rid him of these hardships? The answer is NO. Instead, he said, "O Allah! Guide my people, as they do not know."
In all these situations and the harder he never lost hope. Rather, he encouraged his companions to be filled with hope and trust in Allah’s help.
Prime Examples
The Syrah, life of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), teem of exemplary situations in which he showed how man can be armed with hope even in the severest hardships. These are some examples:
  • Once he was praying near the Ka`bah; while prostrating, one the pagans threw some dust on his head. No one dared to help him except his daughter, Fatimah. Then he said to her, “Don’t grieve, my daughter. Allah will protect your father.”
  • During the journey of Hijrah, Suraqah ibn Malik followed him and his companion, Abu-Bakr, who said, "We have been caught, O Allah's Messenger!' He said, "Don't be sad as Allah is with us." Then he promised Suraqah the bracelets of Kisra, the King of the Persians at that time.
  • He said to `Adyy ibn Hatim while inviting him to Islam, “If you live longer, you will see the woman travel alone from Al-Hirah till the Ka`bah, fearing none but Allah.” (Ahmed)
  • He was sleeping in the house of Um-Haram bint Malhan then he got smiling. When she asking him, “Why are smiling Allah’s Messenger?” He said, “Some of my followers sailing on this sea as if they are kings on thrones invading in Allah’s way.”
These situations and the like show that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was filled with hope and trust in Allah’s help – even in hardships.
Surely, the Muslim Ummah lives in many hardships, yet there is hope. But the pressing question is: will we imitate our Prophet, follow his track and learn from him this brilliant lesson; hope?
Indeed, we are in dire need of this attitude of hope and trust in Allah to guide us in the hard life we lead.

Therefore, we should never lose hope even in hardships!

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