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Preventive Medicine in Islam 2

Preventive Medicine in Islam

The Importance of a Healthy Diet and Drink in Preventing Disease


The wise Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) urged Muslims to protect themselves from the effects of overeating and warned of the ill effects of indigestion. In a hadith, he stressed that there was nothing worse than bloating the stomach, stressing that a Muslim should just eat enough to maintain his body. If this was difficult, he indicated that ideally, one third of stomach should be for food, one third for drink, and one third (empty) for him to breathe (easily). He also commanded Muslims to maintain high standards of food hygiene by keeping food and drink containers and utensils covered.



Preventing Indecencies and Malign Matters in Society


Islam forbade all that is physiologically and psychologically harmful to man and  society as a whole. For example, Islam prohibits the use of all kinds of intoxicants and drugs. This is emphasized in a hadith in which the Prophet (SAWS) confirmed that every intoxicant had the same effects as alcohol and, given that alcohol is prohibited, all types of intoxicants are consequentially also forbidden.


The Prophet (SAWS) tried to prevent Muslims from suffering serious health problems caused by alcohol and drugs, protecting humanity from the harmful consequences of alcohol and drug abuse .


Islam also denounced adultery and sexual relationships outside the sanctity of marriage, protecting Muslims and society by preserving high standards of morality. It is important to note here  that sexually transmitted diseases are more  prevalent in  non-Muslim countries . The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) noted in a hadith that when indecent behavior spreads among certain people and becomes the norm, diseases that had never emerged at the time of their ancestors will spread among its people. It is well known that AIDS, Ebola and other deadly sexually transmitted diseases were unheard of before the prevalence of indecencies in societies.


Islam also prohibited the eating of dead meat due to the harmful side effects it causes, as proven by modern science.  On a visit to America  I found that Americans were  proud to point out that they did not eat  an animal if it had died before being slaughtered as it was considered harmful. Europeans, on the other hand, still eat dead meat on occasions which is  probably why Americans are so proud of their healthier approach.  I told the Americans how magnificent I believed Islam was, because it prohibited this practice more than 1400 years ago.


Because Islam is deeply preoccupied with the well-being of man, there is no doubt in my mind that cigarettes are also prohibited and that those who smoke are wronging their own bodies and souls.  Islam prevents all that is harmful to its followers, so it is natural to believe that smoking cannot be acceptable, given all its detrimental side effects. 


Return to Islam O Muslims!!


The Psychological Well Being of Man


Islam is not only concerned with the physical health of man but is also deeply preoccupied with his psychological well being  


 The remembrance of Allah (AWJ)[5] “"Those who believe, and whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction" (TMQ[6],13:28). will help a Muslim find peace in his heart as indicated in the Noble Qur’an

 Islam directs Muslims to be kind, merciful, well-mannered, and lenient. It also encourages its followers to choose their words wisely, to smile as a form of charity and to forgive the mistakes of others.  Islam glorifies acceptance of what Allah (AWJ )has destined for every Muslim and  if a Muslim is patient during times of affliction, paradise is the ultimate reward and  compensation.  No doubt this attitude leads to a healthy state of mind which elevates the spirit, instills peace in the heart, and boosts a Muslim’s ambition and sense of morality.


It is unquestionable that psychological diseases such as insomnia and depression are more widespread in Western countries than Muslim countries, where suicide rates are much higher.  This fact furthers our understanding of the value of the Islamic faith


"And thy Garments Keep Free from Stain!" (TMQ, 74:4).


 Islam is also concerned about the appearance of a Muslim.  A presentable appearance, including clean and neat clothes, befits a Muslim member of society,


One of the earliest ayahs[7] revealed on this subject in the Noble Qur’an  was, And thy garments keep free from stain!" (TMQ, 74:4).  The beauty of Islam is illustrated by the fact that from the very early days of its existence it cared equally about  appearance as well as what lies inside a person. Islam associates the worship of one God, with human cleanness by saying: "And thy Lord do thou magnify! And thy garments keep free from stain" (TMQ, 74: 3-4). This ayah carries a literal meaning as well as a metaphorical meaning.  For example dirty clothes invalidate prayer like other impurities such as urine, blood or dirt.  Imam Ahmad Ibn-Hanbal, may Allah have mercy on him indicated that if a Muslim prays wearing unclean clothes contaminated with urine or stools no matter how small the amount is, the prayer must be repeated.


Water is also considered unclean if it is contaminated with anything that changes its color, taste, or smell. All these measures aim to encourage Muslims to avoid all that is unclean.  A Muslim should not only take good care of his appearance and personal hygiene but should also care about the environment. This is an important issue which will be addressed in detail in a special article inshallah (God willing)

Now days we as Muslims have to spread the voice to learn quran online and so we could gain the true knowledge and the quran teaching that is give to us by our beloved prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and do quran reading. Do we as Muslim ask our self that why we are at the peak of destruction? The answer will be simple that we have left our roots the holy quran we should guide promote Islam from in our homes first and let learn our kids quran  and encourage them in doing quran memorization this should be our first goal for it we can do different stuff like let then participate in different online quran recitation competition to let them read quran from different online quran reciters and along with it we elders should learn quran also and improve our knowledge of quran and Islam and learn holy quran tafseer because to understand and learn quran Arabic and for this now a days there are many online quran tutor available who teach tajweed quran and its translation and tafseer so let us join our hands to be the voice of Islam and let improve the image of it as well and full fill our duty


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