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Understanding the Uniqueness of the Qur'an


4. Combating Deviations of Reason

Another evidence in favour of the Qur'an's affirmation of the authority
of reason --which is more conclusive than that mentioned above-- is the
battle it launched against all those agents which obstruct the proper functioning
of reason. For clarification of this point, we are forced to mention certain
things in the way of an introduction. 

The human mind can, in many cases, fall into error. This fact is acknowledged
by all of us. However, this danger is not limited to the intellect alone,
but can equally befall the senses, and feelings as well. Just for the sense
of vision, scores of visual errors and optical illusions have been pointed
out. In the case of reason, too, there are times when people frame an argument
and rationale and draw an inference on its basis, but later on they realize
that the basis of their conclusion was erroneous. Here the question arises,
whether the faculty of reason should be suspended on account of its occasional
failures, or whether we should employ other means for discovering the errors
of the intellect and seek to avoid such errors. In answering this question,
the Sophists said that reason should not be relied upon, and that, basically,
argumentation and reasoning is an absurd practice. Other philosophers have
given a fitting reply to the Sophists, and said that though the senses
can also err like reason, but no one has ever recommended their suspension.
Since it was not possible to discard reason, the philosophers resolved
to find ways of making reason secure from error. During their efforts in
this regard, they discovered that all arguments consist of two parts, namely,
matter and form. Like a building which has various ingredients in its construction,
like, lime, cement, steel, etc. (matter), to acquire a specific structure
(form). In order to attain the permanence and perfection of its construction,
it is essential to procure proper material as well as to draw a perfect
and faultless plan. For the correctness and accuracy of an argument, too,
it is essential that its content and form be both free of error and defect.
For judging the validity of the form of any argument, the Aristotelian
or formal logic came into existence. The function of formal logic is to
determine the accuracy or inaccuracy of the form of an argument, and help
the mind to avoid errors in the process of reasoning. 

But the major problem that remains is that solely formal logic is inadequate
for this purpose, because it cannot alone guarantee the validity of an
argument. It can give assurance about one aspect alone. To obtain the perfection
of the material aspect, the use of material logic is also essential, that
is, we need certain criteria for controlling the quality of the rational

Thinkers like Bacon and Descartes strove hard to evolve some kind of
material logic similar to the formal logic of Aristotle, which was devised
for formal reasoning. They did obtain certain criteria in this regard,
though they are not as universal as those of Aristotelian logic, but are,
to a limited extent, helpful in preventing the mind from committing errors
in reasoning. Some may be surprised to know that the Qur'an has presented
such principles for the prevention of any lapses in the process of reasoning,
which surpass in merit and precedence the efforts of philosophers like
Descartes and others. 

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